integrating marine and terrestrial palaeoenvironmental archives for conservation
Based at the School of Earth Sciences, The University of Queensland, Australia

Courier Mail 28/12/2012: Giant fossilised snake skeletons found on Cape York have unearthed new links to the Dreamtime myth of the Rainbow Serpent.  Read more here.

The Australian 25/7/2012: Cavers discover 500,000 year old fossil deposits. Read more here.

Cosmos 25/7/2012: Cavers find mass fossil deposit. Read more here.

Cosmos 23/3/2012: Megafauna hunters changed Australian bush. Read more here.

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Stay up to date with the IPRG team as we tackle some of the toughest questions in palaeoesciences today. Follow us as we conduct our research, from locations such as the Great Barrier Reef to the arid inland deserts and beyond, crossing interdisciplinary boundaries of terrestrial and marine palaeoecology, palaeobiology, palaeoclimate, geomicrobiology and geochronology.


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Upcoming events

17/4/2013: Professor Gordon Southam will be presenting a talk entitled “Bacteria-metal (-mineral) interactions with a focus on the biogeochemistry of gold” at the Annual General Meeting of the Geological Society of Australia Inc. Queensland Division (Theodore Club, 333 Adelaide Street, Brisbane).

10/5/2013: Dr Kenny Travouillon will be presenting a talk entitled “The diversity of ancestral bandicoot and kangaroos from
the Riversleigh World Heritage Area” at the University of Queensland

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